Monday, December 08, 2014

Hate Speech on Fox Nation Site

Our friends over at the always valuable media watchdog site News Corpse have collected the most egregious examples of hate speech posted in the Fox Nation forums and have collected them here for your "enjoyment".

Go ahead and read through them. If you can. Fair warning: They are not for the faint of heart. The wingnuttery will defend themselves, as always, by saying the Democrats do it too, but I challenge anyone to find a liberal equivalent of this very angry race-based invective, even a remote or obscure liberal example.

You can likely find a lot more of this on your own if you go yourself to their site. I won't provide the link because I don't want to contribute to their page-driven link stats, but you can find it easily enough on your own (note: it's wwwDOTfoxnationDOTcom). It's fucking disgusting and they appear to have given up even any semblance of supporting their "fair and balanced" slogan.

1 Comment:

Katy Anders said...

Who in the world actually types that sort of thing?

I end up over at breitbart more than i care to admit, and some of the stuff that is said confuses me.

I guess it's people trying to vent... passive aggressive tough talk by people hiding behind the anonymity of their keyboards.