Monday, December 15, 2014

Can 252 Frenchmen All Be Wrong?

Turns out that it really is a World Wide Web. I've been watching my stats pretty closely after my cynical attempt to attract more readership the other day.

The answer to your unspoken question: No, it did not work. I had fewer hits on that page than any other in the last week. Go figure...

Anyway, I did discover something interesting. I have a ton of readers in France!

Here are the top nine total hits by reader location for the week of Dec 7 to Dec 14, 2014:

United States602
France 252

The others that surprised me were the number of readers from the Ukraine, China  and, of all places, Latvia. I was also kind of taken aback by the fact that Canada, with only 15, is in last place!

However, it is gratifying that the statistic on total page views has been steadily climbing since I came out of "retirement"; I've had 4,779 views in the last month!

As I've often said, I have literally dozens of readers that I can marshal on any given issue. Advertisers and political operatives take note.


Katy Anders said...

Your numbers are close to mine. I don't remember France being so well-represented in my stats in the past. The French must have just discovered blogging or else just gotten a better translation engine or something.

They have surrendered to the charms of your blog!

Nan said...

A fellow blogger once said that the way to attract page views is to mention Nancy Pelosi's tits. There are some strange people lurking out there in cyberspace.

Farnsworth68 said...

"Nancy Pelosi's tits???!!!
Really? You are right, there are some strange people out there...