Sunday, May 22, 2011

Well, We Survived

The rapture, I mean. Yeah, there's a big surprise.

I didn't do so well at surviving the local Democratic party fundraiser Saturday night. She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed was home ill and consequently I was there totally without adult supervision. So I ended up flashing my auction bid card as a game, just to drive the prices up (hey, it was for a worthy cause!), with no real intent to actually buy anything ... so naturally (and apparently I'm the only one who didn't see this coming) I got burnt by being the high bidder on -- get this -- a golf vacation in Palm Springs!!!

Jesus, I don't even play golf. I'm with Mark Twain and his assessment of the game: A good walk, ruined.

But that aside, it isn't good form for one to just skip out on this kind of obligation, so I have about six months to take up golf.

Yeah, like that's gonna happen... but hell, there's plenty to do in the desert besides play golf. At least I think so, and I have about six months to find a sufficient number of them and sell the idea to You-Know-Who.

BTW, on the home front, let's just say that She-Who-etc. was demonstrably less than enthusiastic about this winning bid. I won't repeat the actual words that were used by her in her eloquent expression of her "less than enthusiastic" attitude on receiving this particular bit of news, but you can use your imagination... And I'm healing up nicely now, thank you.

So, that aside, my son is out of the hospital and recuperating at home with plenty of pain pills (not nearly enough, he says) and a quart of Jack Daniels' to soothe his fevered butt, and I'm taking the Memorial Day holiday off starting a little early. Like right now.

See you next week.

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Elizabeth said...

well Farnie what can I say it was for the greater good. just go in the winter and soak up some sun You Know Who should like that!