Monday, May 09, 2011

Five Rethug Myths About Medicare

Over at Buzzflash there's a list by editor Mark Karlin, Five Republican Myths About Medicare:

  1. "Medicare is socialist" (often asserted by pre-Medicare age Tea Party members and the vestige of the John Birch Society right wing).
  2. "Medicare is not run by the government, so it is not socialized" (sometimes claimed by Republican seniors, who then can argue against "socialized medicine" for the rest of Americans)
  3. "Members of Congress receive the same benefits as Medicare recipients" (occasionally used by supporters of Paul Ryan's Medicare voucher program to "prove" that Republicans in Congress will receive the same care that they are proposing for seniors).
  4. "Medicare is a waste of taxpayer dollars on the poor" (at times used by "poorly informed" Republicans, who don't know the difference between Medicare and Medicaid.)
  5. "Medicare costs can only be reduced through a voucher program" (frequently used by advocates of Ryan's budget)
Be sure to check out the whole thing for Karlin's trenchant analysis and easy refutation of these myths.

The fact that they are so easily refuted leads me to believe that the people promulgating them are cynical politicians who will go to any lengths to dupe the American voting sheep public.

And that observation is my "No-Duh!" moment for today...


Anonymous said...

Venezuela has almost as much oil as the rest of the world. It's heavy tar oil wich must be heated to be pumped. Our Republicans hate them (or their leader) because they tried to end OPEC rule of oil prices. They offered Bush-1 all the oil we could use at $55 a barr. Texas was getting $75. Then he said he was going use their oil money to end NY Banks rule of South America. Then the CIA came in. America is fighting a cool war to keep them from getting new oil parts or pipe. Their oil production is way down. Sombody posted a memo about how well it was working. d4d A "piss poor military altitude." I kept being right.

Anonymous said...

The General Fund has nothing to do with Social Security and Medicare. They have their own full Trust Fund paid out of payroll taxes. But the money is loaned out to run the government. It must be paid back as needed. So if you kill Social Security, will the loaned out money go back to the people who paid in or will it pay for tax cuts. The ones that were to pay for themselves? It has nothing to do with the deficit unless you mean to loot the trust fund to pay for tax cuts. Now why the lies? d4d

Anonymous said...

The Republican Party attitude on healthcare:

We'll kill kill kill kill kill the poor

Kill kill kill kill kill the poor

Kill kill kill kill kill the poor tooooooonight!

I think if The Dead Kennedys really could've seen into the future, they would've realized neutron bombs are unnecessary when you can just shove your only opposition (The Middle Class) into poverty and kill them through social Darwinism while their billionaire corporate benefactors suck off the corporate socialist gravy pipe.


Anonymous said...

What Anonymous said.

Plus... You don't have to go far to bamboozle the "average" American who thinks Wal-Mart should run the country and who flat out state that they don't get Medicare (at age 74) because they have Humana Advantage. BNS (big neurotic sigh)