Thursday, May 05, 2011

Blowback on Social Security

Okay, you all remember my post of yesterday about the Social Security tissue of lies email. Well, as I could have predicted, it produced a shitstorm of frothing at the mouth email replies, chief among them being that Snopes is run by a couple of liberal shills and you can't trust anything they say, as evidenced by their refutation of the Swift Boat Assholes for Lies.

So here's my broadside that I sent the group today. Eventually, I'm kind of hoping, they'll have enough smarts to take me off that list. On the other hand, I do enjoy this shit, and everyone needs a hobby...

A followup to the mini-shitstorm that my previous email stirred up:
To all of those who were so quick to the trigger with the claim that Snopes is a liberal-slant organization that lies about conservative causes, it appears to me that your talking points were taken from an anti-Snopes email circulating a couple of years ago. When even Snopes' chief competitor in the field of Urban Legends says that email was a lie (see then it is apparent that you are working with ideas from the lunatic fringe.
And those of you who cited the whole Swift Boat thing as an example of Snopes liberalism, protecting Kerry, etc., well...all I have to say to you is that despite the fact that you /claim /you have done your own research, it is apparent that you have not. No, I don't want to bring up the whole Swiftboating thing for debate again -- it's ancient history now, so don't bother sending me your "proof". When even John McCain called the whole thing a bunch of scurrilous lies, you really haven't got a leg to stand on. Oh, but wait, I forgot: John McCain was the Manchurian Candidate from Hanoi who cooperated with the enemy to get a better deal as a POW, etc etc etc. How that traitor got to be a presidential candidate is beyond me. Except four years earlier it was another traitor who got to be a presidential candidate.
Don't you realize how desperately nutjob those theories sound?
That Swift Boat thing, though, is pretty much the only thing that the right wing can come up with as proof of Snopes "lying" to give a liberal slant to everything -- except of course for their even-handed treatment of Barack Obama (even-handedness being, of course, the hallmark of "flaming liberals"...). Despite the fact that pretty much every rational person on the planet who has /actually/ done any research and any /rational/ thinking on the topic knows that it was the Swiftboaters who were were the liars.
Go ahead and try to come up with some more examples of Snopes "lying" -- you can't do it because they don't do it.
Come on people, use a little common sense for once.
Everything that doesn't fit nicely into your preconceived world view doesn't have to be wrong, or a lie.
For the record, I am on Social Security myself, as well as Medicare, and, as with my VA Disability pension, I can't say anything bad about it. I'm glad that it's there for me and by all indications, despite the diabolical machinations of that wackjob from Wisconsin, it will remain there for me