Saturday, May 14, 2011

Baby Doc Bush "Not Overjoyed"

And the hits just keep comin' at ya, folks.

Now Baby Doc has weighed in on Osama, saying that he was "not overjoyed" when Barack Obama interrupted his soufflé to tell him of the death of Bin Laden because the campaign to track down the Al Qaeda leader was not done "out of hatred, but to exact judgment."

Say what? But that's pretty typical, I guess, of the Rethugs. They do shit out of hatred, that's their only motivation, and that's all they understand in others.

Well, they got their wish as far as I'm concerned. I hate them.

Odd, isn't it, though, that Bush's reaction is pretty normal when it comes to showing emotion for the death of a close family friend. Let's not forget that Poppy Bush had a very close -- you can even say intimate -- business relationship with the whole Bin Laden family. Remember that the only exception to the nationwide "no fly" order in the immediate aftermath of 9-11 was a planefull of Bin Ladens who were allowed to leave the country.

And Baby Doc ought to be doing nip-ups over the fact that Bin Laden is dead, and therefore won't have to stand trial, where a lot of those nasty secret dealings between the two families were bound to come out.

So don't tell me that he's not secretly delighted over Bin Laden's death. This is a case of overcompensation in public, I think, for the fact that the entire Bush clan is tremendously relieved. "Not overjoyed" can mean that he's glad, but not "too glad".

Oh, and he was eating a soufflé? Elitist pig.


Anthony Pitman said...

I had nearly forgotten about the Bin Ladens' being the only ones allowed to fly on 9/12/01. I kind of wish he'd been taken alive so we could hear the details of the Bush/Bin Laden connection. I'm sure Poppy heaved a big sigh of relief when he found out he was taken dead.

Nursebetty said...

Bush has moved on; that little side trip he took, in his failure of a life, as figurehead president of the united states is a distant memory. Obama displays professionalism personally contacting that (fill in the blank). Keep thinking and speaking up. Nice to know I'm not alone out here

Farnsworth68 said...

Thanks, AP & NB. I hate to get all conspiracy-theory, but there's something very odd about that whole interweaving of the Bush Crime Family and the Bin Laden clan. Sadly, we'll never find out the real truth, and it pissed me off that people have that kind of power, to be able to bury the truth so deeply that the only people who can sniff it out are automatically labeled as wackjobs.
--The F Man

linda said...

I am the last person to defend Dubya - seriously, the last, last last last, el ultimo, final, finished, end of the line - but my reading of that AP article is that Dubya is saying he was "not overjoyed" in comparison to the spontaneous revelry crowds the night of the announcement. He then explains that this (the death, the war, the whole damn mess) was not about hate (which leads to riotous revelry in celebration) but to "exact judgment" which apparently is a bit closer to justice.

Anyway, I think the interpretation that he wanted it to be out of hatred is a misinterpretation. I think it's the fault of the AP article - it's not written that well. AP used to be practically perfectly edited, top-notch journalism, but I daresay journalism is dying/dead along with a lot of other things that we'll be sorry to wake up and realize are gone one day.

Thank you for pointing out again the Bush family/Bin Laden connections. I wish someone besides us and Michael Moore would care about that.

Once more, to reiterate: I still loathe all of Bush's lying warmongering, and I now return you to my regularly scheduled hatred of all things that come out of Dubya's mouth.