Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Worker Without a Union...

My wack-job cousin, as regular readers know, is constantly needling me about my leftwing views. Recently she sent me an email she got from one of her fascist friends about the public sector union movement. It was the usual bullshit:

...the left seem to conflate private sector unions with those in the public sector, which obfuscates the real problem. I've not heard any outcry to dismantle private unions. But public employee unions are an entirely different problem ... a very large problem.
Without question state budgetary issues related to public union excesses have done as much as anything to create fiscal crises across the country. Public unions have deliberately and systematically worked to overcharge for their services by "negotiating" with the powers that be, resulting in fat salary and benefit packages and retirement plans...
And on and on in that vein. It's nothing new. I've been hearing this crap for 30+ years, how the greedy public employees who are lucky to have a job have been sucking up all the tax dollars, blah blah blah.

You can't reason with these people and it's best to ignore them.

Except I did send her back this little zinger:
A worker without a union is like a mouse in a roomful of cats negotiating what to have for lunch.
That kind of burnt her, I think, since she doesn't belong to a union and has been whining for years about how low her pay is, how fucked up her working conditions are, etc etc etc.

Snark. Take that.


Anonymous said...

I'm trying to get into 2 private unions right now. Too bad the Esoteric Order of Tea-Baggers will come after them right after they're done killing public unions...


TimGiangiobbe said...

Same Smell different color.Unions are just as greedy as any corporation.The New "NEW DEAL"is being held up by high union wages.The WPA of the 30s built infrastructure.
The Stimulous has onky Stimulated the Wealthy and Bailed out Banks.
The TARP money needs to be spent on what's left of the MIDDLE CLASS.
Fifty Jobs for 30 dollars an hour instead of 40 jobs at 38.00 an hour is a difference of 20 percent more GOOD PAYING JOBS.

When the TEABAGGERS quit being so flaky and organize with passion for real American change without pointing fingers at each other something will get done.That will be a movement I can join.I am a Veteran who is tired of the discourse.The Issues are usually American issues.Aren't we all Amricans First.Then as soon as the Pious Fools in Charge get this we will move forward.Separation of church and state MY ASS.Since When !
Check out The White House Council for Community Solutions and Civic participation.Created Dec 15th.It can have PROMISE Big Time.

Farnsworth68 said...

TGG, are you a professional moron or just a talented amateur? I'm not going to waste my time on you except to remind you that the TARP program was signed into law in late 2008, by pResident George I-am-a-Wanker Bush (whom you probably voted for), and you idiots on the right can't even get your calendars straight, let alone your facts.
If you want to engage in a rational discussion, then get rational. But remember this: I refuse to engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed man.
--The F Man