Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Grade School Solution

It's a lot like grade school, where the boys pick on only the girls that they like.

It's a funny thing that pretty much the only countries in the Middle East that we care enough about to bomb are ones that we "like", i.e., the ones that are actually sitting on a gazillion barrels of oil (Iraq) or sitting astride valuable real estate that can be used to throw down oil pipelines (Afghanistan) from the mid-Asian oil fields to the sea.

For the record, I do not support the Obama Administration's attacks on Libya. I know that I am at odds with a large portion of the nation, and even with my own Democratic Party, but I didn't back Bill Clinton's foreign misadventures, either.

And it's no secret that I hated Dubya for his illegal war on Iraq.

So back to Libya and Moammar Kadaffyduck. He's gone from a faintly humorous footnote to history to being painted by the CPM/SCLM* as the walking talking ranting raving embodiment of the love child of Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin by way of Mao Tse-Tung (or "Mao Zedong", or however the old dead guy is spelling his name this week). How long until the American populace gets ginned up for yet another "humanitarian" invasion of a Middle Eastern country?

BTW, where is Congress on all of this? John Boner is too busy getting drunk and playing golf to do anything except cut funding to NPR, and have we heard a single fucking word out of Mr. Orange Smash about all of the goddam JOBS he was supposed to be creating?

Of course, invading Libya will create a lot of jobs, I guess. Jobs for Halliburton, jobs for Blackwater (Motto: "If Jesus had chosen us for his security, he'd still be here"), and especially jobs for Arab terrorists, who will have yet another new rallying cry for jihad against the American Crusaders.

[* CPM/SCLM = Capitalist Pig Media/So-Called Liberal Media]


Anthony Pitman said...

Oh man your second internet business. Get that Blackwater motto on a t-shirt. That's fucking hilarious Farnsworth.

Farnsworth68 said...

Thanks, AP. You might just have something there...
--The F Man