Thursday, March 17, 2011

Future ClusterFox "News" On-Air Personality?

Here's a YouTube video that is going viral. It stars a UCLA student named Alexandra Wallace going on a racist rant against, of all people, Asians:

Okay, call me naive, but it strains credulity to think that this young woman would go on YouTube with such a racist, nativist, idiotic rant. I think that this was dreamed up as a joke and in the execution and delivery it went horribly wrong.

Now she'll have to live with this as her fifteen minutes of fame the rest of her life. Can you imagine her first job interview when she graduates?

Of course she can always go to work for the media wing of the RepubliCON Party. They love them some racists over there, 'specially them that gots them some push-up-yer-boobs bras and bubble-head-blond hair... Want to bet that she gets a permanent gig on ClusterFox "News" out of this?

Oh, and be sure to catch one Asian guy's answer to little Alexandra.