Friday, September 04, 2009

Speaking of Town Halls and the Pricks Who Attend Them...

Okay, maybe I was a little premature in saying that the steam was running out for the (dis)loyal opposition. My friend Debby reminded me of something that had happened two days earlier at our local town hall, and then sent me a video of a portion of Brian Baird's town hall in Vancouver...

It's not the whole thing, obviously, just a snippet of some jerkwad dickhead asshole ex-Marine "standing up" to Baird. So it turns out that the same prick jumped up at the Olympia town hall and pulled the "It's Not in the Constitution" card on Baird last Monday.

Check it out. The guy has his own YouTube site where he posts not only this crap but also apparently is an enabler of the whole Obama-Hitler-Health-Care-Equals-Nazis blah-blah--blah crowd, and -- surprise, surprise -- it turns out that he is also running against Baird for his seat in Congress.

Naturally I posted my own comment on this video:

I am also a disabled veteran (Vietnam) and I am proud to say, Mister Hedrick, that YOU DO NOT SPEAK FOR ME!
I am for a single payer health care system. I get the best health care in the world in the VA system. Why can't my fellow Americans avail themselves of the same thing?
I am also a resident of Washington's Third Congressional District, and I will do my god damnedest to see that YOU are not elected as my congressman. No way, no where, no how!
Semper Fi, dude.
I really thought it would be shitcanned, never to see the light of day, but there it is, on his YouTube site.

Now, as much as I disagree with Brian Baird on SO many issues, I feel that am forced to join -- or start, if there isn't one already -- a Veterans for Brian Baird group, just to see this turdbrained asshole get his lunch handed to him on a silver platter.

I am fucking sick, as a matter of fact, of assholes like this pretending to speak for me as a disabled veteran. I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to confront this prick when he disrupted Brian's town hall here in Olympia.

But, I get the feeling, that I'll still get my opportunity. It's a long time to the elections of 2010.

Stay tuned...