Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Glenn Beck to Get "Key to the City" of Mt. Vernon WA???

Out here in the Wet Corner of the country (i.e., Washington State), and especially in the liberal enclave that is the state capital, we tend to get kind of smug about our liberal bona fides.

I mean after all, going back in history, the IWW was a strong presence here in the early part of the last century, the first general strike in the nation occurred in Seattle, and we've tended to vote -- in many cases lopsidedly -- for the progressive presidential candidate in nearly all of our elections... The list goes on.

Which, as I say, makes us kind of smug about our progressive outlook.

But some of us tend to take a peek outside the liberal fishbowl that is the Seattle-to-Olympia corridor -- where most of the liberal voters live -- and remember that history has some other lessons to teach us.

Such as the Centralia Massacre and the Everett Massacre and the fact that the Discovery Institute, the country's premier anti-rationalist "think tank" devoted to so-called "Intelligent Design", has its headquarters in Seattle.

Not to mention that the founder and HMFIC for many years of the Xian political movement "The Family", one Abraham Vereide, got his start in Seattle, and from that has sprung the whole C Street protection-of-Republican-assholes-at-any-cost bullshit.

And, finally, the fact that über-fascist and full-time Rethug moron Glenn Beck is a native of Mount Vernon, Washington... Which is less than an hour's drive away from Bellingham, where I attended college. Which, even back in the day, had a reputation as being a bastion of regressive knuckledragging wingnut morons who were outraged that the radical institution of a -- gasp -- state college even existed within their "sphere of influence"...

So now the reactionary knuckledragging pillars of the community of Mount Vernon are proclaiming that Glenn Beck, aka Mister Ima Fukkin Asshole is Top Dog and the mayor is giving him "the key to the city".

No, I don't know what exactly that key will open, since there aren't any brothels or Chinese opium dens left in Mount Vernon, but it's still an outrage.

BTW, need I mention that Glenn Beck, in addition to being a fulltime asshole and race-baiting industrial-strength moron, is also an industrial-strength Mormon and a self-confessed "recovering" alcoholic and drug addict? Who graduated rom Sehome HS in that bastion and hotbed of liberalism that is Bellingham WA?

This is all supposed to transpire on September 26th. I'm tempted to drive up there, just so I can ask Mister Beck why he wasn't at the "million moron march" in The Other Washington last weekend.

I'm just sayin'...