Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Where Does Faux News Get These Assholes?

There must have been a sale at Walmart.

I'm talking about the latest Faux News talking head, a dick named Ralph Peters, who advertises himself as some kind of a "strategic military analyst", who claims to be a retired Army light colonel, and who came right out and said over the weekend regarding the Taliban taking American soldier Bowe Bergdahl hostage:

Bergdahl is "collaborating with the enemy" on the released video, and strongly implies he should be executed by the Taliban and "save us a lot of legal hassles and legal bills."
...nobody in the military that I’ve heard is defending this guy. He is an apparent deserter. Reports are indeed that he abandoned his buddies, abandoned his post, and walked off. We’ll see what the ultimate truth of it is, but if he did, if he’s a deserter at wartime, well, as one of my old platoon sargeants [sic] would say, he’s in 'boku deep kimchi.' Now there’s another problem Julie. On that video, he is collaborating with the enemy. Under duress or not--that’s really not relevant--he’s making accusations about the behavior of the military in Afghanistan that are unfounded, saying that there are no rules, he’s lying about how he was captured, saying he lagged behind the patrol.
(Uh, "boku deep kimchee"??? He must have picked that phrase up while watching a Rambo movie. Nobody in Germany, where Peters spent most of time, even talks like that. Besides, it's not "boku' -- it's boocoo, pidgin French-Vietnamese from the French beaucoup, and kimchee is Korean...)

This is an excerpt from a much longer piece over at the Boise Idaho NewsWest Boise, and here's the video from YouTube:

I don't know jack shit about this so-called lieutenant colonel, but I'm willing to bet that he's never been within a hundred miles of a war zone. Not when he can come out with statements like this, condemning the man because he made a propaganda video for his captors. [Postscript: I looked him up on Wikipedia -- I was right; he was never anywhere near an active war -- instead he worked in the oxymoronically-named Military Intelligence]

Okay, can anyone still remember Grampa John McCain? When he was a "guest" of the North Vietnamese at the infamous Hanoi Hilton, he was tortured and made to sign a confession that he was a war criminal, etc., before he got medical assistance. Where was this shitball of an officer when that was going on? Does that make McCain a liar, a collaborator, a traitor?

Yeah, come to think of it, there were some flapping gums about all that last year or so, from the same kinds of dickwads who are now ardent Obama "Birthers" -- the shit never stops and it just gets crazier.

Peters himself has long been a wingnut wacko -- he was instrumental in the infamous Killian Documents case in 2004 which "proved" that Baby Doc Bush wasn't a deserter, the way we all thought he was. And is. So Peters is so solidly in the rightwing camp that he can't recognize the truth when it comes up to bite him on the ass.

And that mouthy motherfucker has got absolutely NO business saying shit like Bergdahl ought to be murdered by the Taliban, to save us a lot of money.

You know, I'm so old that I remember when people used to be considered innocent until proven guilty. Apparently I'm behind the times, when people like Ralphie Dick Peters has no problem setting himself up as judge, jury and executioner.

Well fuck you, Ralphie. We need to wait until all of the evidence is in, there's been an investigation and the facts are out. Until then, you fucking pissant, help yourself to a steaming cup of STFU and get out of the way.

BTW, this case is clearly a lesson as to why we should do our part to abide by the Geneva Convention when we take prisoners. It's a little hollow to pull the "do what I say not what I do" card at this point.


Anonymous said...

Paul Reikoff of IAVA just slammed that idiot Lt. Colonel on Rachel Maddow's show.


D Collins said...

My wife and I were appalled by (he doesn't deserve the rank title anymore) Peter's comments. He reminds me of the blustering aholes when I was in the Army (VN corp of engineers)who sat on courts martial boards saying: "Lets try the guilty bastard and get this over with." I wonder, by advocating the murder of a US soldier, has this scumbag committed a crime? Giving aid and comfort perhaps. Maybe they could use Peters in a prisoner exchange? Wouldn't that be interesting to see the simpering little pants wetter after being exposed to the hospitality of his Taliban hosts.

zeppo said...

The insanity of these morons is just too much to even keep track of anymore. Every single day, there is something new and outrageous said by the Righteously Indignant, who are apparently upset that somehow, they are not in control of the country anymore.

I almost hate to say it, but I am becoming calloused to these nutjobs.

If someone had said this, on national TV, when Bush was president, what would have happened then?