Thursday, July 30, 2009

104 Degrees: Still Alive -- Barely

I've been quiet the last few days -- because of Global Warming we are having unprecedented record-breaking temperatures here in what used to be called The Wet Corner. Not that the heat bothers me so much -- I grew up in rural Oklahoma in the 1950s -- but She Who Must Be Obeyed melted yesterday afternoon. I had to sponge her up off the kitchen tile and put her in the freezer for an hour until she reconstituted. Good thing she didn't melt into the carpeting.

Yesterday it got up to 104 with no breeze, and our house, like pretty much every other house in town, doesn't have air conditioning. It actually never really needed it before, but with this heat spell due to last for several more days we thought about getting one of those portable A/C boxes.

Hah. It turned out that we were, surprise, not the only people in the South Sound to want one. Naturally they are all sold out. A store in Seattle had people lined up starting at 1:00 AM, only to find out at 10:00 AM that the truck delivering the units had not arrived. I think the only thing that prevented a riot was that it was too hot to fight.

So I'll be back in a few days, when it's cooled off again. We're going to the lake and cool off in the water.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh... it's YOU who has taken all the heat. Here in OH we're barely making 70 during the day, dropping to high 50's at night. And... we have all your rain; it just doesn't stop.

zeppo said...

On Wed. night, it was 97 deg.... In my bedroom.... It was a tough one to get through.

Of course, I have yet to hear any of the global warming and climate change deniers say anything like, "Hey, it's 102 outside!! Global warming must be real!!"

Looks like it will be cooler today, which is certainly a relief. If I wanted to live in the tropics, I would move there.