Thursday, July 09, 2009

The "Real Victim" of the Vietnam War

Jesus, what the fuck happened to the Washington Post? It used to be in the vanguard of the Fourth Estate (remember Watergate?). Now it is just another suckup rag excuse for a newspaper.

Witness its despicable editorial "obituary" of Robert McNamara: 1995, 30 years after the launching of the American buildup in Vietnam, Mr. McNamara made the astonishing (if only for its candor) admission that he had suspected almost from the beginning that the war could not be won. Rather than closure, that brought a new wave of vilification, not just from the war opponents but from those who had supported the American action and saw Mr. McNamara's attempt at penance, or at an honest accounting, as a betrayal.
Well boo-fuckin'-hoo. Poor Bobby McNamara. Hated by the left, then hated by the right. I feel so fucking bad for him...

No, not really. I'm beyond the point in my life where I can somehow "forgive" McNamara for his sins. It's not my place, really. As I've said before, it's almost worth wishing for some kind of "judgment day" after death, just so I can see the evil that people have done come back to bite them on the ass. But that's too much to hope for, I guess.

The judgment of history will have to suffice.