Friday, July 10, 2009

Is Jeb Bush a Child Molester?

That's the question being asked over at AmericaBlog. The answer? "I don't know, define child molester for me".

This is of course poking some innocent fun (okay maybe not so much fun for the victim) at Jebbie Bush as a result of this story on CNN

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush told an interviewer that he could not say whether or not President Barack Obama is a socialist, and that the president would not have been elected if he had been honest with Americans about his agenda.

Bush would not answer the question of whether he agreed with the assessment of some congressional Republicans that the president is a socialist. "I don't know. Define socialism for me," he told Esquire Magaznie. "It's a word… I believe he's a collectivist. He believes that through collective action, through government, you can solve more problems." He added that he believed the word "socialism" was a pejorative, and "didn't help" the GOP make its case.

In terms of political discourse, this kind of thing is right down in the Republican gutter. You'd think that gutter would be overflowing by now, what with all the slander and shit and garbage in it, but they must have found, miraculously, those waste water removal tools that mysteriously went missing from New Orleans in the aftermath of Katrina... That's what keeping the Rethug gutters flowing. They can pour tons of their shit out there every day and there's always room for more.