Thursday, January 01, 2009

Bill Orally Gets "Owned" -- by a HS Kid, No Less

One of the rewards of poking around in YouTube is that I tend to come across stuff like this:

Watch a high school student refuse to back down while calling Billo out on his bullshit.



Anonymous said...

How repulsive that Billo claims to respect Jesse's point of view yet calls him a pinhead. These conservative fuckwits are so dishonest about everything they touch. I've heard them squealing like pigs that the Fairness Doctrine will be reinstituted, which would mean their sorry asses will be either out of jobs or really balanced by strong progressive voices. I look forward to that happy day with great anticipation.

Drainbamage said...

Yeah, I thought the Pinhead comment was funny! Someone should start an award! This guy should get a prize for being called a pinhead!