Monday, December 15, 2008

Unfair to Dogs

Okay, everyone has by now seen the amazing video of Der Monkey Feuhrer being pelted with shoes at an Iraq press conference:

You can't hear the audio (and even if you could, you likely don't get it), but the "alleged perpetrator" called Baby Doc a "dog".

Aside from the shoe (which, if you'll remember, was one of the things that the CPM* flogged at the "fall" of the statue of Saddam as being "one of the worst insults" an Iraqi can hurl), the designation of "dog" is of paramount insult in Iraqi society. And, as the title of this points hints at, calling Baby Doc a dog is a paramount insult to dogs.

So what does that poor fucker who actually threw the shoes get for his "treachery"?

It turns out, not so much. Now there are demonstrations all over Iraq for his release, and poor Baby Doc is left with egg on his face and the knowledge that not only do the Iraqis not LIKE him, but his spokesmouth has been injured in the eye from a runaway microphone.

Jeez, that's just too fucking bad, Dina, but...

(I just can't help myself)'s not like you didn't see it coming!

[* = Capitalist Pig Media]


fjb said...

Check out this shoe throwing game that's strangely addictive: Sock and Awe. A little time waster that's great for releasing some pent-up frustration. My personal record so far is 16 hits.

Farnsworth68 said...

Thanks for the heads up on the game, fjb. It's a kick.
You must have a good eye and some steady hands. The best I could do was four. But that was after my fourth bottle of Full Sail Amber, and maybe that MIGHT have had something to do with it...
--The F Man