Friday, December 05, 2008

Obama's Birth Certificate -- Again?

Why is it that this moronic exercise in character assassination refuses to die? Now a couple of wingnut knuckledragging mouthbreathing morons have actually filed a lawsuit over it -- and the fucking Supreme Court may actually entertain hearing it...

And god knows what the people who gave us that sterling-silver gold-plated diamond-encrusted Rolls-Royce-Cadillac of SCOTUS decisions, Bush v. Gore, will do with this one.

The constitutional questions are not evident; they're not even existant: The US Constitution states clearly that only a "natural born" citizen can become president. While the true meaning of that phrase may seem to be up for debate, it really isn't, since that same Constitution really only divides US citizens into two -- and only two -- groups: "Natural-born" and "Naturalized".


And since Obama's mother was clearly and uncontestedly a citizen of the United States at the time he was born, and since from time immemorial the United States has considered a child born to a US citizen to be a citizen, regardless of where in the world he or she was born, you'd think this would be a dead issue, a moot point, a stillborn controversy, so to speak.

But not to the wingnuttery. What they are trying to do is muddy the water, throw shit against the wall, etc etc, in order to turn the Attention Deficit Disorder Moron American Voting Bloc focus away from actually trying to do something to help this country in its time of need.

Besides, as anyone with half a brain and the ability to put one foot ahead of the other on a walk knows, the birth certificate in question IS FUCKING REAL AND VALID!!!

Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. He is a United States citizen.

Period. End of story.

Anyone who does not accept that incontrovertible fact at this point in time needs to check immediately into the nearest mental hospital for some serious treatment -- and I believe, even though it's become sort of passé in the psych world, that a few thousand volts of electroshock therapy might be of some help during the course of that treatment.


Being Peace said...

I love it that this story won't die! I love it that the wingnut-conspiracynut-nuttynut heads are all exploding over this non-issue. Keep them occupied over there in the corner with their WorldNetDaily and drug addled Limbaugh and loofa wielding falafel boy O'Reilly. Really these guys just amuse the living shit outta me!

Being Peace said...

Oh my God, you're going to love this! Returning veterans won't even move for Bush anymore! Awesome.