Monday, December 08, 2008

OJ Redux

Unlike most people -- and much like his murder-trial jury -- I have never been completely convinced of the guilt of OJ Simpson in the tragic deaths of his ex-wife and her "acquaintance" Ron Goldman. At the best, I could have bought into the whole "the LA cops framed a guilty man" theory and the jury sent a message to the world that they were hip to their shtick, but I wasn't entirely sold on it. Mainly because as a rule, rich people don't do their own killing; they hire underlings to do it for them.

So unlike most people, I didn't take any particular pleasure in OJ's sentencing last week to a substantial prison term for his involvement in that ill-fated misadventure in a Las Vegas hotel a couple of years back.

In other words, no, I do not believe that it was "karma" or anything else that was involved in that sentencing.

But that said, it has always escaped me as to the real reasons why Nicole and Ron met their demise.

Until now.

Tony Elliott over at OpEd News has an alternative theory that makes sense, finally, of those murders. It's called The Goldman Conspiracy, and it is well worth a read, if only to put some perspective on the whole sorry mess.