Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Now it's Time to Attack McCain

I was more than a little disappointed with Hillary's non-concession speech last night, but I'm willing to overlook my own shortcomings in the Clinton Department -- as I would have been had she actually secured the nomination -- and encourage us all to struggle together and work hard to overcome our real enemy, John McCain.

After a few days I hope that cooler heads will prevail in the Clinton camp and that they will all come to the realization that our interests lie in overcoming the Rethugs in November.

Remember, this is a political party that will do anything -- literally anything -- to secure victory in a presidential election. Only by turning out Democrats in such overwhelming numbers to vote for Barack Obama will we be able to overcome the election fraud and the voter caging and the thousand other dirty tricks that the Rethugs are so professional at.

So please, all of you Clinton supporters: Go ahead and grieve for a little bit, but then let's all pull together to defeat McCain.

Or, in the last words of labor activist Joe Hill, "Don't mourn -- organize!"

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mrln said...

I have a more positive take on Hillary. I think she was giving us a "dry run" of a "never give up, never give in as long as there is one shred of hope" strategy we may very well need in November if the Repugs try to steal the election again. I hope Obama is as resistant to media pressure to concede as Hillary was. I think Hillary may just have conditioned us to fight on until, this time, EVERY vote is counted.