Friday, June 06, 2008

Already it's Begun...

It didn't take long for some disgruntled Hillary supporters to put up a website for something called The National Organization of Hillary Clinton Supporters for John McCain (Google it yourself if you want to see it, or click on the link in the story -- I don't want to give them a free link).

So the joker behind it is a rancher down in Texas. Yeah, right -- a Texas rancher supporting Clinton.

Well, it turns out that the guy appears to be for real, and is registered as a delegate to the Texas Democratic convention.

So what's really behind this? I'm sorely tempted to say that it's the Rethugs up to some more of their dirty tricks, and despite the fact that this guy claims to be a Democrat, he's been a McCain stalking horse since the beginning. Don't forget that it was Texas that profited hugely from drug addict pimple-assed Rush Limbaugh's anarchistic plan to stuff the ballot boxes with Rethug votes for Hillary. This guy could be a direct recipient of that movement.

Right now he's claiming some 5000 members. Wow, I'll bet the Obama camp is shaking in its collective boots over that number.

But watch for more of this crap as the season wears on. I think this is just the opening salvo in what will prove to be a long and depressingly angry campaign.

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mrln said...

The Repugs can't win legitimately. They HAVE to cheat to win. And they can't win by telling the truth. They HAVE to lie to win. I mean, what are they gonna say?

"We're gonna keep raising taxes on the middle class, keep giving tax breaks to the rich, continue to de-finance public education (the hidden agenda of NCLB)), and keep allowing insurers to deny you coverage AND health care so the shareholders can profit"

Oh, and here's the other thing they can't be honest about: There're gonna privatize EVERYTHING. That way you will have NO RIGHTS!

Our rights exist only in the public square. For example: you can be expelled from a private school. But you cannot be expelled from a public school (one which accepts federal funding). Everyone is this country has a right to a Free Appropriate Public Education (Brown vs. Board of Education). But only in public schools!

Who do YOU want making the rules by which we live? Private entities (where the public has NO voice) or the public sector (WE THE PEOPLE!!)

REMEMBER: Your rights are closely tied to your freedom!

The truth is not on their side.