Monday, June 23, 2008

All 9-11, All the Time

It's not often that a campaign will stumble this badly, and put out for god and everyone to see the secret yearnings behind the friendly front. But that's what happened in the McCain camp.

So it's with an inordinate amount of delicious schaudenfreude -- and believe me when I say that that schaudenfreude is one my absolute favorite things in life -- that I learn from the news that Charlie Black, Grampaw McCain's lackey when he's not being a K-Street Lobbyist for Evil, has come right out and said that a 9-11-type attack on the US would be beneficial -- "a big advantage" -- to Grampaw's campaign.

Like ... duh ...

But, like I say, this is not something you want out in the public eye. It's kind of like talking at the Thanksgiving dinner table about Grandma's career in her youth as a stripper during the Alaska Gold Rush. Maybe everyone at the table knows it, but you still don't want to talk about it publicly.

So poor old Charlie had to issue an apology, of sorts, but now that I think about it, maybe it's not a stumble after all.

As the Mayberry Machiavelli Karl Rove Playbook would dictate, the damage is already done, and the irrational-fear-inducing notion of OH MY GOD ANOTHER 9-11!!! is firmly planted in the psyche of the Moron-American voting bloc.


Maybe the schaudenfreude is on me...