Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Great Day in California

Just a quick overview: The California Supreme Court today ruled that California's antiquated marriage laws that did not allow for so-called "same sex marriages" was unconstitutional.

Hurray for California! Once the most populous state in the nation goes the way of humanity and decency and civil rights, can the rest of the nation be far behind?

And to all of my GLBT readers: Good on you! Congratulations on the California victory. But let's not relax just yet. It's still going to be a long haul from where we are now to truly equal rights for all Americans.

But, that aside, let's all join in rejoicing for the victory of Human Rights in California!

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jae said...

I was so delighted about this I called hubby squealing 'Another victory for Progressives everywhere!!!!'.....

2 adults should be able to marry if the love is there. That is all there is to it!

Kudos for posting on this, OPOV....