Thursday, December 14, 2006

A Step Back from the Brink of Fascism

One of the first orders of the day for Democrats ought to be a rollback of the fascist laws and regulations enacted by the glassy-eyed goosestepping followers of Der Monkey Fuehrer, and that appears to be exactly where they are headed.

According to Patrick Leahy, the new head of the Senate Judiciary Committee, the wiretap law will be first up. Let's hope that it doesn't stop there, that this is only the beginning, and don't forget that it was the very same committee that in 1974 was ready to vote articles of impeachment against another corrupt and crooked Rethug, Richard Nixon.


Robert Whitlock said...

Just wanted to say that I stopped by. Keep fighting the good fight. I found your blog via olyblog.

UH1Charlie said...

At least Nixon served in a war, re-invaded the Cambodian sanctuary's,after the VC and NVA had; capturing tons of supplies that were killing many us that had the good fortune of calling border area's 'home'. He also let the Joint Chiefs do their jobs,for example unleash the B-52's on Hanoi and Haiphong, mined Haiphong and generally did what a good C&C should have done to protect his men. That scoundrel LBJ and our current C&C are twins joined at the hips. The Democrats will not save us from Fascism or deal with root causes of these current wars. Sorry to sound a bit less optimistic than you...but that's show biz.


Elizabeth Green said...

I am glad to hear this. I don't want those jerks in my phone lines, email, or other forms of communication. If they get in it, they deserve what they hear about themselves

Team NRV said...

Does anyone actually know what is going on anymore? You can be rest assured the government isn't employing hundreds of thousands of people listening to the phone lines of 300 million people calling Aunt Mable to see how her Goiter is doing. They are specifically looking at calls going to and from countries supporting "unfriendlies". So,unless your calling Uncle Ahmed in Syria and planning an attack, say what you want about the Government, it is your right after all. Snuggle yourselves in every night, knowing that the same Fascist government is protecting each and every one of you.