Thursday, December 07, 2006

Mary Cheney Pregnant!

I don't know how it can get any better. Mary Cheney, who pretended to be pissed off at both Kerry and Edwards during the last presidential campaign for "outing" her as a Lesbian (which, as we all know, was completely bogus -- she was openly gay for years before that), is now the proud bearer of her very own fetus.

Cheney, who has lived with Heather Poe, her same-sex partner, for the last 15 years, has been an embarrassment and a thorn in the side of the Xian fundos backing the BFEE for years. And has been living proof that being gay is not a "lifestyle choice", that with all the advantages accruing to her growing up in a religiously active politically conservative family she is still gay.

The details are sketchy, of course, but we can only hope that she saved one of the "baste-'em-don't-waste'em" snowflake babies that would otherwise be flushed down the toilet.

But I'm guessing that she didn't. All that Focus on the Fetus talk is just that: Big talk. When the chips are down, the little embryos have served their propaganda purpose and Gay Mary will have gone to a sperm bank to get the "perfect" child.

She and her partner, BTW, now live in Virginia, which just passed an anti-gay rights law. What that means is that while Baby Snowflake might have two mommies, one of them will have absolutely NO parental rights.

And I am assuming that Mary and her father The Dick are perfectly happy with that arrangement. After all, it's an article of faith for the Repugnican Party. But I do feel sorry for Heather Poe. She will have no rights at all when it comes to that baby. On the bright side, though, she also won't be stuck for child support when she and Mary get a divorce have a legal separation break up.

And I'm sure that's one more thing that the anti-gay-marriage crowd is happy about -- abandoned children who are not supported by the absent parent.