Monday, May 11, 2015

People Killed in the Name of Atheism: Ø

My buddy-blogger BadTux the Snarky Penguin had a post the other day in which he identifies the number of atheists who have killed "defending" their "religion" is exactly zero:

The same, alas, is not true of organized religion. A bunch of right wing Christianists (when Atlas Juggs blogger Pam Geller [I LOVE that] is involved, you know it’s batshit crazy Christianists) chummed for Islamist extremist in Garland, Texas. They got their wish — a couple of ISIS wanna-bes tried to crash their party, and got shot down for their trouble by the cops waiting in ambush.
At this point I’m completely puzzled as to why atheism has a bad name in America. The number of atheists who’ve blown themselves (and others) up in defense of their faith is… uhm…. zero. The number of atheists who’ve engaged in or attempted mass shootings in defense of their faith remains… uhm… zero. The number of atheists who’ve used their faith as an excuse to conquer other nations remains… erm… zero. The number of atheist pedophiles who’ve had their crimes covered up by their faith remains… erm… zero. The same cannot be said of virtually every organized religion on this planet, almost all of which have been used as excuses for conquests, bombings, shootings, pedophilia, slavery, genocide, or worse at some point in time.
So why is it that the religious wackos get their panties wadded up more about atheists than pretty much anyone else? I think that it's because they feel, deep down in their heart of hearts, that they know we are right, and if they give in to their natural inclinations in that direction, they won't feel the impulse to kill someone in the name of God any more. Can't have that shit.

Of course there are people who argue the point of God's existence who imply (I've heard them say it) that only the fear of hellfire and damnation is what is keeping them from opening up with an AK-47 on a bunch of... well, gays, or Democrats, or Socialists or Liberals -- maybe even atheists, I'd guess. Yeah, that's one fine loving and forgiving Supreme Being you've got there, guys. Who wants to believe in a fucked up God that would judge all that killing so harshly when one of his disciples is doing it, but who is extremely fine with it when He wants to slaughter a bunch of innocents himself? How can you even trust, let alone "love", that kind of God? As I've said before, that guy is actually a bit of a dick.