Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A Perfectly Good Threat, Wasted

Now that Liberia has its Worst Disease in the History of the World, i.e., ebola, under control, what will the fuckers at Faux News find to worry about?

What, no Obamapocalypse?

It wasn't that long ago when they were telling us to BE AFRAID BE VERY AFRAID of those smelly foreigners who were sneaking across our southern border, leaving a visible-from-space trail of ebola slime behind them like an invasive flood of foreign-language-speaking toxic slugs, when Bill Orally publicly and stridently called for the public execution of the head of the CDC, when they wanted to issue a travel ban to anyone who ever even thought about going to West Africa (which, it may come as a surprise to the talking dicks heads at Faux News, is not a country).

As much as they tried to spruce up their Fear MenuTM with delicious specials like parboiled ebola and ebola flambé, it just didn't pan out for them. It was a perfectly good fear and it all went for naught. Wasted.

But I'm not worried about them running dry. There's always gonna be more, especially now that Obama has nailed them in public, by name, for their bullshit on "the poors", they'll be going after him with both guns blazing. Or, as we in the reality-based community call it, Wednesday...

So what's next on The Fear Menu? Stay tuned...