Monday, May 11, 2015

Monday Music Break: MacArthur Park

Here from 1968 is the  Richard Harris version of the much-reviled MacArthur Park, which according to Dave Barry is "the worst song in modern history".

Okay, come on, it's not all that bad -- in fact, I actually kind of like it. But when you combine some tortured-metaphor lyrics with the overwrought performance of a stage-trained Shakespearean actor, I can see where some might consider it a "bit much". As one comedian said a number of years ago, "Lighten up, Richard. It's just a cake."

Interesting job with the accompanying video of the real MacArthur Park itself, more recent obviously than 1968. It's by a Finnish guy named Seppo Korpipaa (who has his own channel on YouTube) and I'm impressed that he traveled halfway around the world, apparently just to shoot this footage and edit it to the song.