Sunday, February 10, 2013

Unmanned Drones

I don't really know how I feel about drones, except conflicted. We would have LOVED to have drones in Vietnam, even though the "collateral damage" associated with their use appears to be ... excessive. But in Vietnam the Viet Cong were notorious for using innocent villagers as human shields.

If the US can take out a nest of terrorists without the danger of American servicemen being wounded or killed, then that's good. But if the US takes out said terrorists along with their wives, children, aged parents, neighbors, etc., then that's bad. And the whole killing of so-called American citizens bothers me a lot as well.

As I say, I am conflicted.

The only good news I can see on the drone front is that Seattle mayor Mike McGinn has ordered the Seattle police department not to use them. The SPD will be sending back the drones they've purchased and, hopefully, getting their money back from the Daddy Warbucks "Defense" contractors they bought them from.

No matter that McGinn is up for re-election this year and this move is nothing more than a cynical ploy to avoid serious primary challenges from the Left -- it was still the right thing to do. But how long will this last? Only until some dipshit rightwinger gets elected mayor I would guess. Then those drones will come swooping back.

Hmm... I also wonder what the punishment would be for using a police drone for shotgun skeet-shooting  practice when it buzzes over your back yard... Whatever it is, it would almost be worth it.

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Sarge said...

We used the shit out of drones in SEA - they were called Firebees.
Did photo recon but did not have a strike capability that I am aware of. They were launched from a C-130and deployed a parachute at a pre-planned recovery point and were recovered by a Jolly Green.
They were used at Tyndall AFB in Florida as gunnery targets in the early '80s. FW, the MQ-9 makes the Firebee like a Model T Ford...

I personally have no problems with Omama's taking out Anwar al-Awlaki or any other turncoat cocksucker who turns his back on America.
Fuck em - You want to meet Allah;
let is help!

If the cops want to use drones to deter drug dealing - fine. Same for border control...