Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Nugent, Manson and the Turing Test

There's a famous test for Artificial Intelligence called the Turing Test, in which a machine's ability to imitate human thinking is judged.

Without stretching this metaphor too far -- which I've already done in comparing either of these two to Intelligence, artificial or otherwise -- take a look at this comparison, and tell me without looking at the answers which of them made which statement:

When you can't tell for sure who said what without looking at the answers, that tells you something. I don't know how Ted Nugent could parlay a persona as a guitar rapist (watch him play sometime) into a life as a political pundit, but I'm fucking glad he's a Republican...

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the yellow fringe said...

I once read that he said he loved taking all that money, sometimes $200 apiece, from the dumbass people that come to his concerts. He knows he is a sham and a fake, playing on their stupidity, and ripping them off for being so dumb.