Saturday, February 04, 2012

Will Rick Scott Pee in a Cup?

The Daily Show's Aasif Mandvi, while reporting on the State of Florida's requirement that welfare applicants have to take a pee test (which they pay for) and have to pass in order to get welfare assistance, asked Florida governor (Rethug) to pee in a cup:

Scott really isn't really happy about it, as you can tell in this video. Too bad -- fuck him. If poor people can take one before they government money, he ought to as well. I personally don't believe in drug testing without a lot of grounded suspicion that the individual is doing drugs (a little thing called Fourth Amendment is supposed to prevent it, but this is the New Amerika and the fascists can get away with, it seems, pretty much anything).

Still I'd like to see them try to institute drug testing laws that includes all politicians, the CEOs and boards of directors for all corporations that receive federal money. You'd see that plan in the dustbin of history in five minutes...


BadTux said...

Heh. But actually, if you're a government contractor, your top executives and key personnel *do* have to submit to drug testing. Of course, they also get told what time the drug testing is going to happen and thus have plenty of time to get "clean" for the test... but yes, the head of General Electric *has* pissed in a cup for Unca Sam.

- Badtux the Former Government Contractor Penguin

Anonymous said...

The Republicans have also started to talk about making those who get UI take a drug test. The R's have raised this possibility in the House. Hasn't gotten any traction. Some states have tried (NC) but were told it is a conformity issue. Thus, the push for Congress to do this.