Wednesday, February 08, 2012

I Am the New Number Two

You might recall The Prisoner, a classic television show from the late 60s.

Each week Number 6 (Patrick McGoohan) had to deal with a new authoritarian figure, always named the Number 2, last week's Number 2 having met some horrible end at the end of the previous episode.

So in the frantic scramble by the Rethugs to dethrone Number 1 (Romney) there have been a whole series of Number 2 people. Santorum is only the latest, and is being played up by the suckass media as the new Great White Hope, even though his four victories yesterday were, at the bottom, meaningless since they garnered him exactly zero delegates.

When The Prisoner was airing for the first time, I always thought that the worst job in the whole world was to be Number 2 . He died almost every week and then there was a different guy who claimed, "I am the new Number 2". Who always informed McGoohan that he was Number 6, and then usually died by the end of the episode.

So buh-bye Ricky. You're as doomed as the rest of them.


the yellow fringe said...

I haven't seen an accounting of these last voter turnouts compared to previous years, but those from Iowa to Florida have been lower than the past. 10% even 20% off. Even Romneys wining vote count is below his losing vote counts of 4 years ago. Return on investment accounting would indicate the GOP are not very good businessmen after all, they are paying to much for to little. By the turn outs so far it does not look like they have enough motivated voters to deliver a win in Nov.

Marc McDonald said...

Niece piece and a great point you make.
I, too, was/am a big fan of "The Prisoner." I was particularly intrigued at how it went beyond just being another "Cold War/James Bond/Secret Agent" drama into something more surreal and sinister.
Television today is so calculated and ratings-driven that it's hard to believe an offbeat show like that could ever be made today.