Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sweet Victory

The primary election in Washington State was held on Tuesday of this week, but I had to wait until late yesterday to get the results of the most local of races, that for Precinct Committee Officer.

You may recall that I decided to run for the office this year, only to find that I had competition for a race that is usually a slam-dunk since most candidates run unopposed.

But with some adroit footwork and some campaign schmoozing, I was able to win the race by a 60-40 percent landslide.

Now the real work begins, getting out the Democratic vote for the general election in November. This will be somewhat complicated for me since I will be out of the country the whole month of September.

But thanks to a little idea that I like to call "The Internets", nowhere is truly out of reach these days. Not even France...


Anthony Pitman said...

I'll sacrifice and go to France for you if you really need to stay here. Congrats on the victory. I know you'll rock the Democratic vote.

jae said...


Now get out there and set things straight!!!