Friday, October 12, 2007

Slurs from the Right

The National Enquirer, of all things, is flogging a "news story" that Democrat presidential hopeful John Edwards has had an ongoing extramarital affair with one of his staffers.

Apparently our good buddy Drudge also had something on this, since mAnn Coulter was spewing some invective a couple of days ago on the same topic. And I was listening to Big Eddy this afternoon when a caller speculated that it wasn't the wingnuts who were behind it, but instead the Hillary Clinton camp.

Yeah, nice try, caller. While it's clear that the Clintonistas would be the primary beneficiaries of a slander like this, I still hold that it comes from the Rethugs, who fear an Edwards presidential campaign more than a chicken fears Colonel Sanders.

They want to run against Hillary Clinton. And no one else, since she's the only candidate who can polarize the election to the point that they can drag out their Fundo Xian supporters and force them, however reluctantly, to vote for whatever midget-brained morally-bankrupt Stepford-Wife Rethug candidate happens to survive the primaries.

They see, and rightly so, that Hillary Clinton is the Dem candidate who will be the easiest to come within striking range of, and after the last two elections, that's all they need. A little tweaking here, a little vote fraud there, and voilá, Rethugs win again! Sorry, Dems, go home and cry yourself to sleep again. Nothing more to see here.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

Nobody seems the least concerned about Barak Obama, yet he's hot on Hillary's heels. I wonder why?

Farnsworth68 said...

I think that they feel that they have so much on Obama that they are keeping their powder dry for now.
Once Edwards is out of the picture, they can go back to using Obama's unfortunate middle name ("Hussein") and his upbringing and education against him.
What a country.