Monday, October 08, 2007

Rush Limbaugh and the Phony Soldiers

I was pretty much out of contact with the real world for over a week, but one of the things that I heard was that Rush Limbaugh had called anti-war military members and veterans "phony soldiers". Which I guess pretty much encompasses me and my fellow members of Veterans for Peace.

I've actually heard a recording of the remarks, unlike most of the Limbaugh apologists, and it's pretty clear from the context that he was not talking about just the one or two frauds who claimed to have been in Iraq and weren't, but pretty much all soldiers and veterans who do not support the Bushco Maladministration's misadventure in the illegal occupation of Iraq.

The fact that Rush himself edited the transcript of the show available on his weak excuse for a website indicates that the bloviating blowhard knew he'd over-extended even his own shifting boundaries of taste and common sense.

None of that matters, though, since the wingnuttery has pounced on the predictable reaction by the progressive left, denouncing all and sundry as traitorous assholes who don't "support the troops".

All this over some juvenile salivary spew from a fat-pig drug-addled draft-dodging chickenhawk who got to sit out the Vietnam war because of a pimple on his lard-laden hairy ass.

I know how the draft boards worked in those days. Limbaugh came from a wealthy and influential family in good ole Cape Girardeau, Missouri, and, like similar small towns all over the country, their draft board was made up of fellow pillar-of-the-community types who had the power to protect the sons of their peers by figuring out ways to keep them from being drafted. Pimple on his ass? Bullshit. I was drafted with people who had torn ligaments in their backs, birth defects in their knees and flat feet (I was one of them). The only difference was that all of us were from the other side of the tracks and didn't have any family friends on the local draft board who could protect us. And we didn't have anyone in the National Guard or Reserve with enough pull to get us to the front of the enlistment line and away from the draft board.

So I'm not about to take advice on veterans' matters from that stupid lying pimple-assed moron, and Rusty can just shut the fuck up about the military and about veterans and pretty much everything else that he knows nothing about.

But then that would be pretty boring for his dittoheads, who would be forced to listen to three hours of dead air.

Not that they would notice.

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Anonymous said...

i check in at opovet once a while and its a;ways been a pleasure. Its nice to be sitting in India and reading articles that generally dont make it to our newspapers or press sites..we definitely never hear a veterans side of the story.

Keep up the good work.

PS - btw, its Gandhi (note, spelling)