Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Olbermann Nails It to Bloomberg!

I always love it when KO launches into one of his crazy-seeming rants, and today he absolutely cuts no slack for NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg. He gets in high dudgeon and it is definitely worth a look:

Jeez, get 'em champ!


Ranch Chimp said...

Good Mornin Guy and Thanx for the video, because I havent seen this before here, and I am not impressed at all with Bloomerburger. I live in Dallas, their doing the same crap here to the occupier's, I'm old enough to remember Kent Sate as well.

BTW, I picked your site up through Beach Bum's blog.

Later Guy ....

Farnsworth68 said...

Thanks RC.
--The F Man

dpjbro said...

A large groan went up in my household when the fat, ugly mug of Ohio Governor James A Rhodes popped up on this video. That arrogant rat bastard sent in untrained weekend warriors whose only claim to notoriety came from their family connections which helped them avoid the real Army and, of course, any whiff of Vietnam.

But it wasn't their fault that their incompetent leader, Gen Del Corso sent these guys into the faux"harms way" at Kent State with live ammo and weak leadership and no clue as to what their role was. What could possibly have gone wrong with that combination?

Farnsworth68 said...

Thanks, dpj. "arrogant rat bastard" -- love it!
--The F Man