Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday Music Break

Here is the great Leonard Cohen's "Democracy". Once again, it just feels right. And with this post I'm off for a week for the holiday. See you all next week.

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Anonymous said...

Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan did it all, really. He is a libertarian who said he wanted to stop government from telling smart guys what to do. The Federal Reserve Bank has nothing to do with the Federal Government. Its a private bank run by a committee from the country ten biggest banks. Its only job is to take care of banks, not the country they are in. Greenspan was at least as important in the real world as our Bill Clinton. He came up with the 2001 Banking Reform Act and all the smart guys loved it. All congress was lined up waiting for our Bill Clinton to make it law. In ten years the USA and some of the world were ruined. The smart guys sold America short, maybe helped it fail down and kept the money. They got new tax laws passed first.
In 1907 the states passed anti-gambling laws making it a felony to gamble on Wall St. There was a collapse and the States, not Washington wanted to keep it from happening again. It worked. The last part of Greenspan's law did away with letting the states rule Wall St. The banks started making bets the bosses did not even know about, never mind if they could work. Many smart guys bet the banks would fail. They did and some made over a billion dollars just on that. In front of Congress Greenspan said he believed the bankers would act like grow ups, they did what the regulators always said they would. . So why are there not mobs going where Greenspan is getting paid to speak? Lets start a I hate Alan Greenspan Club. d4d