Tuesday, November 01, 2011

The Daily Show and Rightwing "Science"

It's a full episode on the Daily Show website, but I couldn't find a shorter and embeddable one.

It's the Oct 26 show with guest Lisa Randall. Watch it in full if you like (it's worth it), but do be sure to watch the Aasif Mandvi segment starting at about 05:38, wherein he tongue-in-cheekily demolishes a moronic woman who is pretending to be intelligent and educated.

Aasif: "So it's not fair that surgeons are the only ones who get to perform brain operations, then?"

Idiot Woman: "That's right, now you see the problem with science."

Farnsworth: "Aiyyyyyyeeeee!" Hits forehead with palm smack, raps head on keyboard.


Beach Bum said...

Yeah I saw that episode and the resulting despair at seeing a person living in the 21st century talking about science like it was some grand conspiracy was enough to get me thinking about leaving the country.

The other thought I had was how embarrassed I would be for the United States if that segment was seen in China, Russia, or India.

Farnsworth68 said...

Thanks, BB. When the Rethugs finally cause me to pull up stakes and resettle in some laid back Latin American expat paradise (Costa Rica?), I will have to go to great lengths to convince people that I am from Canada...
--The F Man (a fellow Parrothead)