Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Devil in Haiti; Child Molesters in The Dominican Republic

By now everyone has seen and heard Pat Robertson's comments on the earthquake in Haiti:

Note that he's comparing Devil-ridden Haiti with its next-door neighbor The Dominican Republic, with its hotels and tourism and such. But old Pat keeps under wraps this little bit of information about Haiti's neighbor: It is the western hemisphere mecca for child-sex tourism.

Remember a few years back when Rusty Limpdick got busted for some illegal Viagra when he came back into the country from a "boy's weekend" in the Dominican Republic? I commented at the time about the child-sex tourism that was -- and most likely still is -- rampant in the Republic. While I didn't actually accuse Rusty of anything untoward, I was asking the question as to why the DR when there were thousands of willing hookers just down the beach in Miami. I'm still wondering about it.

Pat insists that it's "a true story" that the Haitians sold themselves to the Devil, and ignores the source of the tourism dollars flowing into the pockets of their neighbors in the DR.

But what can you expect from typical Rethug Xian assholes? Remember the Rethug motto: It's not a sin if we do it.