Monday, June 22, 2015

Ten Years Down -- I Quit!

It was exactly ten years ago today that I published my very first post on this blog, a blog that I wondered at the time if I could even carry on for six months without running out of stuff to write about... Ha.
For the record, here is my very first post, Twins in Uniform. (Jeez, it looks like even way back then I was not above writing some "clickbait" headlines...)

This continued as a weekly feature, counting up the number of days that the slacker Bush twins, Jenna and Not-Jenna, had wasted since they graduated college, all the way up to my Dead Horse Edition, when, after 163 weeks of these gentle reminders, their continued reluctance to serve their country forced me to cancel what I fondly called my weekly Bush Twins in Uniform Watch.

It was a good run while it lasted. By the time of that final post they had spent a total of 1507 days NOT in uniform since they graduated college.

Oh, in case you were wondering, Jenna and Not-Jenna never did take my advice and enlist in the military service. Yeah, big surprise that.

So anyway, after over 2700 posts I think it's time I stepped aside. I just don't have that "fire in the belly" that I used to have. Lately you've probably noticed that I've basically been phoning it in, when I bother to post at all.

A huge thank you to all my regular readers. But I really think it's time I stepped aside and let the younger generation take over. After all I am 70 years old...

As I say when I get the rare sales call, "I'm an elderly shut-in on a fixed income".

Goodbye and thanks for reading. Keep up the fight!


Nan said...

You'll be missed.

One Fly said...

I have the same number and maybe 8 years in. Haven't posted much for a couple reasons. Don't say your quitting but slowing down!!

Unknown said...

2700 posts? That's amazing.

I have seen a lot of long-time bloggers leave amnd then come back when they found something they wanted to say. I hope this is the case with your retirement.

Meanwhile, I have a lot of your old blog posts left to go through.

Anonymous said...

Damn! I have enjoyed reading your posts for years. I'm going to miss your insight and humor. Perhaps, this will be the jolt I've needed to buy your book. RVN 65-66 and 69

double nickel said...

Sorry to see you go, man. I've always enjoyed the ride, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Cheers, from a Canuck reader.

Farnsworth68 said...

You know the old saying, "Never say never". I'm thinking that this next year's presidential race ought to provide so much ammo for snarky commentary that maybe I won't say that it's a final final quit. Look how I came back after a year and a half.
Maybe I won't be able to keep it all in and have to write something. I think you all are official "followers" of OPOVet, so you'll know when I do post something.
And thank you all for that outpouring of sincere feeling. It means a lot.
--The F Man

Frank said...

Thank you for being.

Fair winds and following seas.

Mike Homner said...

I'm a little late to the party to say I'm sorry you're leaving. I'm sure that your family dilemmas might have played into your decision. I hope everyone is well and you are doing this to take care of yourself.

I'm glad you have an open mind to returning. I'm guessing the field of dreams contenders (Clown Car) might really tempt you to return. I think "Combover" is worth it alone.

That said I would like to give a big thumbs up for your spot on dialogue you espoused on this wonderful blog. You've made me laugh out loud and you pressed some of the best buttons in any form of media out there.

We're losing many of the smartest minds in the snarky satire in the business at the moment. Colbert, Stewart and now you. Yes you belong in the group. You may have not gotten the due you should have but, you have smarts to compete with anybody.

I'm sad to see you go, I'd like to leave you with a special saying:
auf Wiedersehen...

Dean Pitman said...

It's been informative reading your posts and following your links.
I hope you enjoy your retirement and your health allows you to. I'm not liking
this getting old but it does beat the alternative. Stay cool. I'll keep your page
bookmarked and check occasionally just in case.
Anthony Dean Pitman