Saturday, December 13, 2014

Ready for Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren, the Wall Street Pitbull and US Senator  from Massachusetts (it's Teddy Kennedy's old seat!), has said the doesn't want to run for the Presidency. We think that is a mistake.

Let her know by signing the petition at Ready for Warren and let her know that we've got her back.

Read more about this incredible and progressive woman and then join the clamor of the progressive branch of the Democratic Party by asking to change her mind and become a candidate.

She might just be our Last Great Hope to wrest the victory from Rick Santorum Chris Christie, Ted Cruz or Jeb Bush and keep it way from the vast Rightwing Conspiracy that they represent.

Don't let's have another four years of Republican rule. We
can't afford it


One Fly said...

I agree but also believe there's been fundamental shift in this country and people will not elect her.

Farnsworth68 said...

Yeah, there is that. But see my post on Hillary the other day. The Democrats win if they can put boots on the ground and fight for it. Too many are going to sit it out if Hillary is the nominee, and that's a sure loss as well. If we go down, it's better to go down fighting.
--The F Man

Unknown said...

as much as I LOVE her focus on corporations, I'm not sure she can win. But I would definitely vote for her, and even if she lost, she could be the Barry Goldwater of a new liberal consciousness.