Friday, March 20, 2009

The Dismal Science

Economics has been know for eons (i.e., since 1839) as "the dismal science" -- I mean really, who the fuck wants to digest all of those ugly mathematical statistical formulas and shit? Okay, I'm there...but for this: We ignore it at our peril.

I, along with a lot of my fellow citizens, tended to doze through Econ 101 in college. Who can really grasp the intricacies of all that wages plus demand minus supply times the square root of what-the-fuck-ever crap?

And that, pretty much, is what the fuckers in charge of our economy are counting on. The average American is as economically-literate as the average Bushman. That is how the Rethugs can still, to this day, get away with invoking Saint Ronald to the great unwashed, and that invocation -- amazingly to those in the Reality-Based Community -- covers a multitude of sins.

Don't believe me? Check out Why the GOP Nurtures Lies and Myths about Ronald Reagan over at the always-valuable Existentialist Cowboy and get yourself a little education on the subject.