Thursday, August 21, 2008

Active Military Contributing to ... Obama?

Yes, believe it or not, it is evident from a study by the non-partisan Center for Responsive Politics, a part of Open Secrets, that American troops deployed abroad are giving money to the Obama campaign -- in a ratio of 6:1 -- over the McCain campaign.

Hmmm, could it be that those "troops on the ground" know more about the Iraq War Illegal Occupation than Grampaw McCain?

Trick question: My cats know more about the Iraq Illegal Occupation than McCain. The canned tuna they ate for supper last night knows more. The rock at the end of my driveway... well, you get the idea.

Interestingly enough, the study also shows that Libertarian Ron Paul has gotten contributions in the ratio of 4:1 over McCain.

What this shows is that the popular perception of the political persuasions of our soldiers is wrong. As it pretty much always has been. I was in Vietnam for the 1968 election, and I would guess that the percentage was split pretty much in the same way as the general population in that election, roughly 50-50 Democrat/Republican

A major problem with that analysis, though, is that it doesn't take into account those who voted for Nixon solely because of his infamous "secret plan" to end the war, and these people represented a substantial number of military voters. Had Bobby Kennedy not been shot, had he gotten the 1968 Democratic nomination -- as all indications were that he would have -- then the military would have voted overwhelmingly for him.

After all, no one wanted the war to be over more than we did. And that's what's going on today in our overseas troops. Obviously. Otherwise why would they send so much money to Obama?


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Chuck said...

I was in bootcamp in '64 when we, who were old enough, got a chance to vote. I voted for Johnson because I was sure he wouldn't send us to Vietnam...yeah...that worked out well. In retrospect, I don't remember anyone giving a royal shit about who was Preznit when I was over there. We just wanted to come home.

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised in the least. I'm surprised it took this long. I suspect it was the piped in faux news that the troops were propagandized with. You can only piss on people for so long before they catch on.

Anonymous said...

How long did you think it would take to recover from 9/11? This was the start of Pres Bush's term. We knew it would take time. We are spoiled-rotten as a country and if we can't immediately get back to our live we blame the government, the president. I'm sorry to you fellow vets, Obama is not the knight in shining armour. He has way to much questionable associations to be trusted. Furthermore, I've worked hard on my career and I'll be darned if I'm going to give it away to those who don't work, won't work or otherwise. I'm not real happy with our country's situation, but I've learned that things do pass. We just need the patience and not instant gratification.