Friday, April 29, 2011

Obama Derangement Syndrome Part One Million...

Longtime readers of this blog know that I am on several veterans mail lists. Yesterday I got from one of these lists a link to some dickhead's YouTube page which offers "proof" that the newly-released "long-form" Obama birth certificate is, of course, a forgery.

First take a look at this image:

And compare it with this image:

Can you guess which of these is from the actual birth certificate and which is from this dickwad's "exposé"?

Go ahead and watch his lame-ass "analysis", and then come back here for my trenchant analysis, the text of which appears below in the form of an email back to this group:
Aw, Jesus Christ, people. This is as bogus as a three-dollar bill. Anyone who knows the first thing about PhotoShop is not going to be taken in by this. This guy is a wingnut moron. Note: If you edit something in PhotoShop, you are going to have those "layers" which will show up -- to this moron they constitute a "smoking gun". Yes, they will show up when you edit it in Photoshop. On the original Photoshop document. They will NOT show up on the image you save from that edited document unless you save it as a PhotoShop file; they won't show up if you save it as a .jpg, .bmp, .gif etc etc etc. All layers are incorporated in the final image, and they won't show up if you open that image again. Already his "proof" is bogus.

But take a look at an original image of that birth certificate [good thing I saved a copy since the original image has now disappeared off of Wikipedia], open it in any image viewer and then zoom in to the level this douchebag shows on his video. Nowhere on that image can you see the kind of "editing" that this guy claims is there. Nowhere. In other words, he did it himself and then is waving the flag of conspiracy, with the sure and certain knowledge that most people who view this travesty are too stupid to do their own research on it.

Come on! If we are to believe that THIS birth certificate is a forgery (for example, the fact that his father's race is listed as "African" rather than "Negro" -- automatically makes it suspect!), then we are to believe that the Obama team, after having TWO FUCKING YEARS to phony up a document, can come up with something so patently a forgery that it couldn't pass the scrutiny of a second grade crayon class??? If you are going to forge a document are YOU going to make this kind of mistake? No, I didn't think so...

They had TWO FUCKING YEARS with the finest document forgers on the planet (i.e., the CIA) at their disposal, and nevertheless they made this many rookie mistakes?

And these are the same people who are trying to tell us that the Hilary Clinton campaign (backed by the most murderous people in history, who killed Vincent Foster and several dozen -- or several hundred -- or several thousand "enemies" of the Clinton Administration) didn't find this OBVIOUS forgery and all that is attendant with it -- Obama raised in a madrassa, belongs to Al Qaeda, is a communist/socialist/fascist/etc -- before the 2008 election?

And that Obama, despite his obvious ties to the enemies of this country, has pretty much continued most of the policies of the Baby Doc Bush Maladministration, including catering to Wall Street fatcats, keeping Guantanamo open, keeping both illegal wars (Iraq and Afghanistan) going, giving a multi-million dollar bonus to the insurance companies in the form of health care so-called "reform", and shamelessly sucking up to the Republicans in congress, Obama has been hellbent on the total destruction of our great nation? Really????

Obama Derangement Syndrome is the name of this particular mental aberration, and those of you who support these kinds of attacks on the president -- including the totally discounted and proved false claim about his appearance on Meet the Press ( regarding the national anthem and the flag salute -- are unwitting victims of this disease.

What it is really, at its core, is racism. You won't admit it, and those who feed you this shit mixed with white-doughy goodness to make it more palatable won't admit it, but that's what it is. The sooner that you Obama Derangement Degenerate/Victims recognize and accept this, the sooner you will be on the road to recovery.

Oh, and don't bother attacking me personally for this. I am performing a public service, and I won't respond to you since I have a personal rule that I will never engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed man.

But feel free to rag on me as much as you want on my blog, One Pissed Off Veteran ( I have the same rules there, but it's a public forum and I am pretty lenient on who I let post. I like having rightwingers on there to demonstrate their total inability to grasp the obvious, in other words, their total fuckwittery.
As you can see, I've given them a link to this blog. We'll see if any of them have the balls to come out in a public forum.

But, funny thing, I'm not holding my breath on this one...


Anonymous said...

I salute you, sir! Great slap-down of the wingnuts!

On another note, someone's deleted the image of the birth certificate from Wikipedia to which you had linked. Don't know who, or why, but it's gone.

Farnsworth68 said...

Thanks for heads-up, anon. Luckily I grabbed my own copy of the certificate, and changed the link in the post to its new location on my own server here. Let the wingnuts try to put that one down the Memory Hole...
--The F Man