Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holiday Stress

I get it every year, but for some reason it's worse this year than it ever has been.

Maybe it's the bullshit that's happening in Washington DC, maybe something else, but I'm just going to shut down until after the holidays.

I'd like to just disappear into the desert until the New Year, but we don't have a warm desert anywhere nearby, and it's too far to drive to get to the Mojave and The Slabs.

Last year we escaped to Hawaii for a couple of weeks, but we spent all of our traveling money on our trip to France, and now we are stuck in the wet winter of western Washington.

Everybody, have a great holiday and I'll see you after the New Year.

--The F Man


Anthony Pitman said...

I've really enjoyed your blog since I discovered it a couple years ago. Have a safe and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. (Or whatever holiday you may celebrate).

Farnsworth68 said...

Thanks, AP.
Although I am a non-theist, I think that Xmas is mostly a secular holiday anyway, so I'll be going to see my kids and grandkids (and great-grandkids!) on Xmas Eve, just like a normal person...
Thanks for reading and I'll be back after New Years.
--the F Man

Beach Bum said...

Best wishes to everyone. Taking my personal comfort and joy from a bottle of tequila.

Farnsworth68 said...

Thanks, BB. Spoken like a true Jimmy Buffet fan.
I'll hoist one to you this afternoon.
--The F Man

jae said...

Cheers Farns - wishes for a joyous gathering to you and yours from me and mine....

Farnsworth68 said...

Thanks, jae, and the same back atcha!
--The F Man