Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Turning Off Fox News

For some time now there's been a movement to get businesses who have televisions for the "pleasure" of their customers (e.g., restaurants, bars, etc.) which are routinely tuned to the Faux New Channel (aka the Clusterfox News Channel) to change the channel.

Up till now that effort has required a modicum of personal interaction, like asking the bartender or whoever to do it.

Some people shun such a personal approach. After all it could take an ugly turn, although it probably seldom does.

Anyway, the folks over Turn Off Fox have come up with an elegant solution to the problem. downloadable business cards which take the worry out of it:

As you can see, they range from the polite to the not-so-polite ("stern" is what they call the third one...)

You can either print them up on heavy stock yourself, or use one of the many inexpensive online card printing outfits to do it (I like Vista Print myself).

Oh, and while you're over there at Turn Off Fox, be sure to Take the Pledge and sign up for their email updates.