Thursday, February 11, 2010

Must Read: Religious Law Hinders Muslim Countries

Anyone who wants to see what things will be like here when our Religious Right's wet dream about taking over the US and ruling it under "god's law" needs to read this.

Matthew Hay Brown is a columnist at the Baltimore Sun, and today he turned his regular column over to Shaukat Malik, a Muslim CPA who immigrated from Pakistan.

This is a "must read" for its views on the way that countries who call themselves "Islamic Republics" have fared when their own home-grown fundos have gotten their hands on the laws of the nation:

Infusing religion and nationalism can produce a people totally obsessed with their relgious identity. Many Muslim countries are suffering from the effects of this combination.
Religion of every denomination provides us hope and solace in moments of despair. However, whenever religion becomes the rallying cry of a nation’s system of government, it can easily become a tool for suppression of minorities and result in fascist states.
Imagine the United States and Europe declaring themselves Christian republics, with orthodox Christianity of the inquisition era enforced by the state. I think the Muslims of Europe and the United States, with populations of 37 million and more than 6 million, along with the Jews would find life a living hell.
It's not just Muslim or Xian fundos. It's fundos of every stripe, and anytime, anywhere they get their hands on power they use it for evil -- masquerading in the face of good.


Anonymous said...

Preaching to the choir. Fundamentalist states torture their own people as much as if not more than their many enemies. Look at the Inquistion, the rise of Islam killing off all the multitheistic religions of the Middle East, etc.

invisible said...

For awhile now I've thought that, "As Iraq goes, so go we". As Gaza goes, so go we. As the Indian nations go, so go we---only worse.