Friday, June 24, 2005

The One Billion Dollar Misunderstanding

Yes, that is one billion dollars not available for veterans' health care.

Now all of a sudden it comes as a big surprise to the chickenhawk bastards in charge of this fucked-up mess that we have nearly 13,000 wounded, many of them severely, even profoundly disabled, coming home from Iraq.

Jesus, people, does it take a rocket surgeon to understand this? These are our brothers and sisters. Our sons and daughters. Many of them will simply go without health care because of the callous disregard of the Repugnican thugs who would rather give the richest one percent an unnecessary tax cut than spend one fucking penny on veterans' health care.

Go visit your nearest veterans' hospital and then come back and tell me that our veterans -- who were willing to put themselves in harm's way for us -- are getting the best health care that we can provide.

Those of us who vocally expressed our dissatisfaction way last year about the failure of the Bush maladministration to fully fund health care were shouted down, bypassed, sidelined and ignored. We were voices crying in the wilderness. Now of course we have been proved to be right.

Normally I take great personal satisfaction in being able to say "I told you so!" -- but sadly I am not enjoying this at all.

What the hell is wrong with Donald "North-south-east-and-west-from-there" Rumsfeld, Dickhead Nopulse Cheney and the Smirking Chimp that they can't realize that caring for the wounded is part of the cost of war? Where were they during Vietnam... Uh-oh. Never mind. It just dawned on me -- I just answered my own question.

Sorry. Forget I said anything. And you can go ahead displaying your stupid feel-good yellow "I support our troops" ribbons on the back of your gas-hog pimpsleds while at the same time you're honking your horn at the slow-moving disabled veteran who is dragging himself painfully through the intersection on his way to the Interstate onramp so he can hold up his crude hand-drawn sign that says "Disabled veteran, homeless, unemployed, please help, God bless".

I am sure heaven will have a special place for all of you.


He who runs with piglets said...

Didn't you get the message? We should all try to volunteer once a week...??? we don’t need to fund anything we should all work 5 days a week or more and then volunteer to help the people we pay taxes for. What is your problem Farnsworth? Is it that hard to see we should all work as corporate surfs to fulfill the dream of profit over global health???

How many billion was spent on the war that created the 13,000 wounded that they are not funding medical attention for? How many US citizens are being kicked off of the low income medical plan in the US so we can support the war for oil?
What would the amount per wounded be if they had spent all the money in the war on just them, or all wounded vets still alive??? How many US children could we have fed and educated if we had spent the war money that BOTH PARTIES approved?

Would the space shuttle have crashed if we had funded NASA fully? Is there an end to what we could have accomplished for the US if we had spent that kind of money on a program other than those dictated by Homeland security and patriot act promoting war? Something for peace is too terrible to spend money on? Oh and why I am on my rant, why do newspapers call the peace symbol we hold up in America as a victory symbol they hold up in Europe? Can’t even get two fingers right! and yes I know about the french english theory, cant they figure out it is a new world?

He who runs with piglets

Margot100 said...

We have to pour money into this ASAP. This part of it cannot be another hell for our sons, daughters, husbands, and wives to come home to. CALL your congressman, WRITE letters to the editor. We are going to have to DEMAND they allocate tons of money for this, because this generation of veterans is not going to be used up and thrown away, not if we all demand good health care for them. It may take marches along highways yet again in order to make our point. We have to do whatever it takes. I cannot believe I'm seeing this for the second time in my life...Vietnam was far too much for one lifetime.

T Zhon said...

There needs to be another veterans march on Washington on the scale of the Bonus March. That march was remembered for generations and led to the GI Bill and served as an example for the Civil Rights Movement. No one questions the patriotism of vets and they can do more than any one group to influence social change.