Saturday, October 23, 2010

Light Posting Week: VOTE!

I was in the dentist's chair for three hours on Wednesday, the result of a collision in my mouth between two molars and a renegade taco shell, with the result that I am having to get two crowns installed.

So, after three hours of Marathon Man dental torture, I now have two temporary crowns that look like little tombstones inserted into my lower jaw.

Needless to say, I wasn't fit company even for rabid badgers for a couple of days, and now I'm involved almost full time in getting Patty Murray reelected in her race against two-time loser and wingnutdarling capitalist-pig crypto-fascist horse's-ass Dino Rossi, and in keeping Washington's Third Congressional District in the hands of the Democrats, replacing retiring Democratic congressman Brian Baird (whom I really didn't like anyway) with longtime Democrat Denny Heck, who is running against a bubblehead Rethug who is all of 30 years old and a fulltime professional moron who gets rattled and can't think on her feet if she has to deviate from the pre-digested KarlRovian talking points her handlers stick into her face.

So I won't be posting much the next week. But I'll be back after the election night victory party which will take place a week from Tuesday. I'll have a hangover, but I'll be back...

And in the meantime, everyone: Please vote. This is not the year to sit on your hands and allow the Rethugs to take over. Yeah, I've heard the argument that we ought to allow the Rethugs and Teabaggers to take over and finally "show" the American people and the Democratic Party that they really can't be trusted.


Jesus, people, wake up! How many bites of a shit sandwich do you need to take to know that you will always get a mouthful of shit until you change your diet?

And it is still not too late to make a difference. Get active, contact your local Democratic Party and volunteer to do some doorbelling or phone banking. We ought to be contacting each and every voter to urge them to vote, especially for our candidates, but history shows that the larger the general turnout in an election, the larger the aggregate vote will be for progressives on the ballot.

-- The F Man