Monday, July 06, 2009

Palin a Corrupt Politician? Say It Ain't So.

After a few relaxing days camping at Long Beach (WA) and another couple spent hunkering down in the bunker from the resounding artillery strikes from my neighbors (aka the celebration of Independence Day) I'm back.

The first thing on the radar, of course, is the resignation of Sarah Palin from the Alaska governor's seat. Even though the USA today story's headline said that top Rethugs were "puzzled" by her abrupt resignation.

Speculation has run rampant, of course, mostly centering on some of the apparently shady deals she engineered while still mayor of Wasilla.

But the best part of the USA Today article is this line: "Her lawyer, Thomas Van Flein, threatened legal action against reporters and bloggers who suggest any wrongdoing by Palin or her husband, Todd."

Legal action???

Sorry Tommy Van Fink, but she's a public figure and as such she is fair game for those of us out here in Left Blogistan. Bring it on, you sorry excuse for a hemorrhoidal human wart. Your client and her husband are corrupt crooks who will soon be under Federal indictment.

So sue me.


Drainbamage said...

I love it! If we could only get a couple thousand liberals to bomb this guy with taunts...

drainbamage said...

now you just need a link: Palin crook...
or something!